New Tinker Board Debian Image Today (Tinker OS 1.4)

Just downloaded and am flashing the newest Tinker Board Debian image. Hopefully, unlike the last one, this will be a bit more stable with improved hardware support.  I will update this post upon completing some tests.


Image is in the support section:

Info for anyone not getting sound, the audio codec appears to be a USB audio device.  The miniarm-codec device is the I2S output to the GPIO.

“headset-output” is the one you need to select.



Faster.  Quite a lot faster actually.  Needs a large update as soon as you power it on (either apt-get it or use synaptic package manager).

Tons of screen tearing and high CPU usage on video playback, so decoding is most likely not HW accelerated yet.  GUI and video rendering does appear to be.  Kodi properly installs, video modes don’t get all messed up, and web browing is actually pleasant instead of a test of patience.


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