Armbian on the Asus Tinker Board update

It’s been an eventful few weeks, as one of the few early adopters of the tinker board and someone willing to try anything, I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning about device trees, kernel drivers, and build scripts.  Not to say I’ve gotten particularly good at them, however.

[UPDATE May 5, 2017]

Debugging on the current progress has begun to accelerate, more developers jumping in to help, and ASUS finally posting a git repo with the kernel source.  Updates:

Kernel 4.11 now boots.  No 4k, no WiFi/BT.  Seems very stable all in all otherwise, beginning of Mali support added

For Kernel 4.4, the reboot bug that was present in Armbian (hang on reboot) was fixed via a pretty hackish method of simply re-enabling the SD card power supply right before shutdown and kicking the logic supply back to low-speed 3.3V for reboot.

On both kernels, audio debugging is underway, it appears to be a pulseaudio and ALSA configuration issue more than anything.

As of today the Asus Tinker Board Armbian image using the legacy 4.4 kernel has support for 4k video output, wifi, the beginnings of bluetooth (debugging why the adapter isn’t coming up, looking into the drivers).  The device tree has been updated to what was state of the art 2 weeks ago, again, bleeding edge and most likely still not 100%

I’m nearly burnt out on it, so you’ll see me spending some time with my less maddening hobbies for the next week or so.  It didn’t help that going in I knew exactly zero about device trees, build scripts, kconfigs, or patching the linux kernel.

Give me a yell on the forums with the feedbacks, or register here and share.