NanoPi NEO Air Tips, Tricks, Info

My NanoPi NEO Air arrived a few days ago, I waited until I also received a wireless antenna to go with it (Not included with the board)  I was immediately excited to try out the 8 GB eMMC built onto the board, however that proved to be a challenge to research.  Using the images provided by FriendlyElec, and their instructions, a flash could be done, but I wanted to use my preferred distro at this point, Armbian.  After some forum surfing, I determined the work had been done for me.

Step 1:  Download a copy of the Armbian image and burn it to an SD card.  Stick it in the NEO Air.

Self explanatory I think.

Step 2:  Using a USB3 port (preferably), power your NEO Air.

There is a reason for this.  The good folks at FriendlyElec made the microUSB you associate with powering the device an active USB port.  The better folks over at Armbian made that default to a USB/Serial endpoint at 115.2 kbps.

***Caution***  If you’re getting a blue heartbeat, the device needs restarted, the serial port won’t be there.

Once you have a solid green, you should see a new serial port in your device list.  Talk to it, and you’ll be able to log into your NEO Air’s command line.

Step 3:  Create Users/Housekeeping

Step 4:  as su:    “/usr/lib/nand-sata-install/”

That will stuff the image onto the eMMC.  After a few questions, like what sort of filesystem to use, it will let you know when it can be shut down.  Pull out the SD, reboot.


The eMMC is *A Lot* faster than the SD card, so that is a plus.


One last note:  The analog audio is still available, although I’m not a skilled enough soldering master to attempt it.



See the 4 small round pads up next to the camera connector?  Yep, Line Out and Microphone In live there.  This was pointed out to me by the folks over at the Armbian forums, unfortunately their webpage is having some issues at the moment, so I can’t provide the link to the info.

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